Reinhold Messner

Reinhold Messner

Reinhold Messner
2013, 90 * 90 cm, Oil and tempra on linen

Reinhold Messner was born 17 September 1944 in South Tirol, Italy, and still lives there. His contributions to the “Legends of Everest” were: First to climb the Everest without  oxygen with Peter Habeler on 8 May 1978. First to climb free solo on 20 August 1980.


This portrait painting is part of the series “Legends of Mount Everest” which is part of the work “High Altitudes“.

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Author: Jürgen H. Stäudtner

I studied Painting, Photography and Conceptual Art at FAdbK Essen, Germany. Mostly I work in series of paintings as you can see on the Home page.

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